When should you get a dedicated server for your website?

If you own a website, are planning on making changes so you can get more traffic visiting it, one of the first things you should do is more your site off a shared server and onto a dedicated server instead.


What is a dedicated server?

Unlike a shared server that will have your website and those owned by other people all being run from it, a dedicated server means the only website that is on that server is yours.


What are the advantages of a dedicated server? —

Most people move to a dedicated server (see: server dedicati) once their website starts to grow, as there are a number of very important advantages to having your site on one.


First, a dedicated server means the only traffic coming to the server is traffic to your site. This also means nobody else can have so much traffic they slow down your site as their’s is using all the server’s resources.


Having your site on a dedicated server also means your site will not suddenly crash due to someone else’s site hogging all the resources.


Finally, running your site on a dedicated server means you have far more control over where the server’s resources are going, which operating system it runs on and, of course, the speed on which it runs.


When should you get a dedicated server?


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You should move your site to a dedicated server as soon as you decide to work towards getting more traffic, and as soon as you notice more traffic is beginning to appear on your site.


If you do not, you could suddenly find yourself with too much traffic and still on a server that has too many other websites on it for it to be able to properly handle it.


Where should you get a dedicated server?

While you can ask the company you already use for your shared server how much they charge for a dedicated server, you should also shop around.


There are many good companies offering dedicated servers, both in the U.S. and overseas, and with prices having come down you may be surprised to find out such a server is nowhere near as expensive as it used to be.


Choosing the right dedicated server for your needs

Most companies that rent out dedicated server have a variety of packages to choose from. Make sure you go through each package and find out what it includes before signing up for any of them.


If you do not understand much about dedicated servers, contact several companies and ask a tech representative for help. They should be able to walk you through what kind of server you need based on the amount of traffic you currently get, and how much you hope to increase it by within the next few months.


Remember, though, you can always start out with a basic dedicated server and then upgrade at a later date, as just about every company offers this option.

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