Things that will increase your Instagram following

There are many things one can do to increase their Instagram following. One of best ways to do so is to utilize your other social media accounts such as Facebook. For example, tell your friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances what they can expect if one receives a follow such as behind the scene photographs, sneak peaks, and coupons. Use popular hashtags so that images are found in searches, for example, #love, #instagood, and #photooftheday.

Do unto others

Like and comment on other users that one follows as a method to gain followers on your end. Search and follow those that are using a popular tag like #followme, #likeforlike, and #followback. Really engage with people and intentionally like photos along with leaving a thoughtful comment. Take the time to follow new people and work at leaving comments and questions for each. Always leave the word “comment” in every caption as one will have a better chance at receiving feedback than if one did not request a comment in return. Use the word “like” in your captions as one will find that one will receive quite a bit more followers in doing so. Go in with another follower on a promotion as one will find additional followers who will assist with mentions or shout outs that can build and benefit all parties involved.



Tools to use to enhance the presentation

Differing websites can enhance and inform how effective your Instagram posts are generating interest. Piqora can assist in deciphering what types of photos are presently generating the most interest. Once this is known, one can set a goal to issue out more of these photos to gather more interest in your Instagram account. Latergramme assists the user in scheduling the time of your Instagram posts. Consistently posting will ultimately be the key to gaining followers over time. Iconosquare will keep track of the growth of your Instagram account. One will be able to determine which images are receiving the most responses so one will know the type of pictures to post on a more frequent basis. Try improving your pictures by adding frames, effects, or cropping by using Aviary. Canva can add quotes to the images posted on Instagram. Image quotes will gain the user more followers since many look to motivation, inspiration, and humor when viewing Instagram.

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Tricks to increase your followers

Quality is the key to gaining and retaining free instagram followers. Most want to follow someone that leaves only the best images versus thousands of irrelevant ones. Ask inquiring questions on your photos that may invite more engagement. Attempt to tell a story with your images. This will create an emotional connection with your brand that one is selling which will get your image shared with potential followers. Be certain to have a plan on how one will go about using Instagram and then create a schedule to ensure that one stays on track with the plan. Find hashtags that relate to your business and leave meaningful posts in order to develop a rapport which may lead to a connection down the road. Finally, promote your Instagram username by using your existing marketing materials such as signs and car decals.

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