Excel Productivity for Lazy (but Smart) People

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Learning Power Pivot, data modelling and DAX is a skill you need to have if you’re responsible for analyzing data and creating reports. Even if you’re great with Excel formulas, you will struggle to report on large and scattered data.
And these days even small companies collect millions of data points. They need to get meaningful reports which can help them view their key figures from different angles. They need proper data models and someone who can quickly make sense of the data and create dashboards from these models.

The great thing is that data modelling and DAX is a skill you need to master for Power BI as well.

With my Master Excel Power Pivot & DAX course, you’ll be able to do it all! Improve your workflow, create impressive models and extraordinary dashboards!

What’s Inside the Course:
– 14 hours of video content
– 2 complete business dashboards
– 60+ Practice Workbooks
– Challenges & Quizzes
– Course Notes
– Helpful Articles & Job Aids
– Your very own eBook with 300+ pages
– Lifetime access

00:00 Take Advantage of Power Pivot & DAX
01:28 The OLD & SLOW Way of Using Excel
03:35 Using Excel Data Model & DAX
08:20 Master Excel Power Pivot & DAX

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25 comments on Excel Productivity for Lazy (but Smart) People

  1. Leila, What is your opinion of Excel in the 365 version? Like the other apps in 365 it is very limited as compared to the full version that we used to buy either in DVD or online download. I do not like this new option as well as having to pay for the rest of my life for an inferior version.

  2. Leila, I need to add county names to my raw data based on which city is listed. My raw reports are approximately 11,500 to 25,000 rows. What’s the better mouse trap?

  3. Добрый день я думаю эта информация будет полезна для Вашего канала))

  4. Love the videos but some of them are way to advance for me. I'm new to excel. Do you have a basic 101 for excel ?

  5. This is a great summary video with many skills in a great course that I already enrolled in and enjoying it so far! I like the video effects of first part that made it looks really old 🙂

  6. I don't know if there is such thing, but I thing your audio might be too crispy haha, but seriously. It's like watching a normal video in 60 fps. It's tooo much

  7. Hi ! Can you please include a debit card option as well to get enrolled for the course. As currently I could see only credit card option.Thank You.

  8. Bite the bullet and learn Pandas. It will transform your Excel skills into Data Science skills, ease data profiling and makes analytics a breeze. You can learn everything you need to a few weeks.

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