How to use Pivot Table Slicer | How to create your own custom slicer | PivotTables | Beginner to Pro

This lesson is all about Pivot Table Slicers. From start to end.

Time Codes:
00:00 Intro to slicers
00:25 Steps before adding slicers -Can be skipped if you watched series “Data Analysis with Pivot Tables”
02:00 How to add slicer and make it interactive
03:05 How to make slicers interactive for more than 1 pivot table
05:01 Why it is important to give name for each pivot table you create
06:15 How to hide unwanted things in slicer to make it more attractive
06:47 How to customize the inbuilt slicer
08:17 How to remove slicer header name or change name
09:20 How to create your own custom slicer – NEW Learning.
12:30 How to add your own custom slicer to other reports and save time – Tip and Trick

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