How to find the best CSGO monitor

Do you play the computer game Counter Strike: Global Offensive? Are you tired of playing it on a small screen that makes it difficult to see where your enemies are and then kill them?


If so, you may be on the lookout for the best CSGO monitor. A monitor that is large, can be plugged into your current computer set up and will give you high resolution video every time you play the game. Here is how to find the best CSGO monitor your money can buy.


Sites specializing in information on CSGO monitors

There are websites that have been set up to advise gamers on which are the best CSGO monitors on the market at the moment. These sites offer such a huge amount of information about these types of gaming monitors, it really makes no sense to go elsewhere.


What do these sites include?

Each CSGO monitor site gives you basic information about playing the game Counter Strike: Global Offensive. They then go in depth into what a typical CSGO monitor should include if you want to be able to get high quality video while playing the game.


A second section on the site talks about features a monitor should have, what each feature does and why it is important to have them when playing CSGO. It also looks at specific brands of monitor, and compares each monitor’s feature against the features of others.

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At the end of the second section, most sites will give you their own recommendations for the best CSGO monitor, and then tell you why they believe you should buy it.


CSGO monitor reviews

A third section on the site will usually go into detail about specific monitors the site has tested.


The detail will include what a typical CSGO pro set up is, whether specific monitors are 144Hz monitors, what the supported resolution is, if there is any lag when using that monitor and what the build quality of the monitor is. From reading these reviews, you should be able to easily compare one monitor against another, and then choose one that will work for the gaming set up you have in mind.


These reviews are especially useful for any gamer as they are only done on monitors the owners or employees of the site have tested extensively when they were playing CSGO.


Buying your own CSGO monitor


Read the recommendations for features you will need, as well as look at specific brands and models. You can then decide which of all the monitors covered is likely to be a good choice for you, and look for prices for that specific monitor at a number of different sites.


The last thing to check for is that the price of any CSGO monitor you choose is reasonably priced on any site you may purchase yours from. If it is not, continue to look for the CSGO monitor you want until you find it online at the right price.

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