Adley’s BABY NURSERY!! Big Sister Training for new babies! Adley is the Boss play pretend with Mom

These Big Sister and Baby Sisters are going to have the Best Day Ever in our nursery!!
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HEY EVERYBODY!! Welcome to my nursery!! Today we are training a new helper and his name is Dad!! I’m trying to teach him the ins and outs of this daycare!! We have to clean everything, make sure the play area has enough toys, get all the food ready in the kitchen, and fluff up the sleeping area!! It’s a lot of hard work but it’s really fun!! I’ve been working here for a long time and it’s really fun to take care of little kids and make sure they have a good time here!! One class we offer at Adley’s Nursery, is called Big Sister Training!! We take big sisters and their little sisters and teach them how to get along and how to take care of one another!! Today was a busy day, we have 3 different families come and take the course!! That means 3 big sister, 3 little sisters, 3 playtimes, 3 feedings, and 3 naps!! All the girls that came to our class were Kindi Kids and they were all so cute!! I love their big heads and I love that some of them could blow bubbles!! How cool is that?! It was a fun day training all these sisters and it was a great day because I got to play with my mom and dad!!

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