Day: November 24, 2021


🌳DONATI AICI!: 🔥Devino membru: 💎 Promovare LIVE – 10€ (Youtube/Instagram/TikTok/Discord) (17€ pe SuperChat) 💎 Follow pe insta – 15€ 💎 MODERATOR – 30€ (poti spama la fiecare final de live link-uri) 💎 Plan de antrenament personalizat – 15€ 💎 Plan alimentar personalizat – 35€ 💎 Te scriu cu markerul pe piept – 50€ (Imi rezerv dreptul de a decide cand sa fac promovarea) SUNETELE ? DONATIILOR: ⭐1-2€ – Balauri Song ⭐3€ – Boom Troll Laugh […]

State of the Art Machine Learning Algorithms for Tabular Data

State of the Art Machine Learning Algorithms for Tabular Data In this talk, Kaggle Grandmaster Ryan Chesler will discuss state of the art models used for tabular machine learning. He will explain the data preprocessing steps as well as the algorithms and how the two interact. He will discuss the nuts and bolts of the algorithms as well as some benchmarks showing the performance of the various different methods. ================= Agenda ================= – 1:30 – […]

Emotions in Health Professions Education

Emotions in Health Professions Education: Different Data Channels, How to Use Them, and Why Data on Feelings is Critical for Supporting Learning and Psychological Well-Being. Jason Harley, PhD. Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery Director, Simulation, Affect, Innovation, Learning, and Surgery (SAILS) Lab Director of Research, Steinberg Centre for Simulation and Interactive Learning McGill University | Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Scientist, Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC) Source:

Tesla Stock Trying To Break Free, Elon Selling?

Donate To Movember: ✅Tradytics – ✅Patreon (discord/if you feel like buying me a cup of coffee!) – ✅ Up to $250 FREE crypto on BlockFi: ✅ Up To $1800 With 2 Free Stocks With WeBull: ✅ Join YouTube Membership: ✅ Twitter 👕 Get Your HTB Merch! #teslastock #investing #Tesla #TSLA #HitThatBid Disclaimer: None of what I say should be misconstrued as any kind of financial advice or suggestions. I am not a financial advisor […]

Nikon Z50 po roku użytkowania – Czy warto go nadal kupować? Czy to idealny aparat na początek?

Ten film jest kontynuacją dwóch moich filmów na temat Nikon Z50 — Linki poniżej. W tym materiale postaram się opisać moje doświadczenia z Nikon Z50 podczas rocznego korzystania go oraz odnieść do punktów które nie poruszyłem w ostatnich materiałach. Opowiem o najważniejszych aspektach, przedstawie sytuacje Nikona na świecie oraz postaram się odpowiedzieć na pytanie czy ten aparat jest warty zakupu. Całość zostanie opisana z punktu widzenia zwykłego użytkownika aparatu a nie zawodowego fotografa. Rozszerzona recenzja […]

Embed and visualize with Power BI in Jupyter Notebooks

In this feature overview video series, we highlight new capabilities included in the latest update to #Microsoft Power BI. As part of our vision to empower every individual, team and organization to make better decisions based on data within any platform, we’ve made it possible to embed Power BI directly into Jupyter Notebooks. This update lets you integrate your Power BI reports and visuals directly in your data exploration process by enabling you to embed […]

DevOps Advocacy | Kunal Kushwaha

DevOps Advocacy | Kunal Kushwaha In this Episode, we will talk about Kunal’s role as a Developer Advocate and about his road in the DevOps World Kunal Kushwaha @Kunal Kushwaha Site ➔ Twitter ➔ YouTube ➔ Francesco Ciulla ❤️ SUPPORT ➔ 🟪 Twitch ➔ 🧨4C ➔ 🎥YOUTUBE ➔ ✉️ NEWSLETTER ➔ 🐦 TWITTER ➔ 📷 INSTAGRAM ➔ 💼LINKEDIN ➔ ✏️ BLOG ➔ 🎒 SHOWWCASE ➔ 0:00 Start 2:33 Kunal’s story 5:45 Upcoming DevOps Course and […]

【Z50 × Z DX 18-140mmf3.5-6.3VRNikon ZのAPS-C高倍率ズームの性能はいかに

【動画内で紹介した機材】 Nikon Z5 Nikkor Z 24-200㎜f4-6.3VR  Nikon Z50 Nikkor Z DX 18‐140mmf3.5-6.3VR ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー Nikon のカメラを使用して写真動画撮ってます     【instagram】     【twitter】 @matsu_channel_ ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー 【撮影使用機材】 ・Nikon Z5  ・Z24㎜f1.8S  ・Z40㎜f2   ・ギア雲台  ・マイク  ・外部レコーダー  ・Godox ML60Bi  ・編集ソフト Davinc Resolve ・BGM Epidemic sound 撮影環境解説 ※上記リンクURLはAmazonアソシエイトリンクをしようしています。 レビュー依頼をしていただける企業様へ こちらのページを確認いただいてから、メールいただけますと非常にありがたいです。 mail: ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー #コスパの良いカメラ機材を紹介するチャンネル #Nikon愛 #ZDX18-140mm Source:

Test du Nikon Z50 : Une camera FRUSTRANTE

Salut a tous, nouvelle video sur le Nikon z50 apres quelques mois d’utilisation. Cette camera a deja eu en quelque sorte une video pour le speedbooster. Celle-ci vient completer mon avis final. →Instagram : →Facebook : Mon matériel: Canon 200d: Sony A6000 : Optiques : Sigma for Canon 18-35 mm 1.8: Canon 50 mm 1.8: Canon 24 mm 2.8: Canon 85 mm 1.8: Viltrox for Nikon Z 85 mm 1.8: BEST CAMERAS Best Vloging camera: […]

Etude de Cas No-code : Airtable Integromat et DocuPilot déployés chez Humus

Pour ne rien rater des prochains épisodes, rejoignez la chaîne. RESEAU SOCIAUX —————- Linkedin – Twitter – Instagram – ————– Mon site – Prendre rdv – Newsletter – OUTILS ——————- Airtable – La base – Integromat – Pour connecter vos outils – pc=julienmottet Secret – Pour avoir de grosses réductions sur les outils : ——————- {contient des liens d’affiliation} Source:

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