Day: November 14, 2021

Meet the 14" Macbook Pro M1 Pro (Base model) | My brand new laptop!

Say Hi to my brand new laptop: The MacBook Pro M1 Pro. Damn this is a long name, but it’s an amazing laptop! This little commercial was made to test out FCPX and try out the capabilities of this beast of a laptop. In addition, I wanted to create one more banger for the at home commercial contest from #JHCommercialChallenge Now this is the beginning of a new era to me and tons of epic […]

New Navigation Pane in Excel 365

#NewNavigationPane #Excel365 Hello Friends, In this video, you will learn about New Navigation Pane in Microsoft Excel 365. New Navigation Pane is very useful feature to see and understand the different elements of a workbook like – Worksheets, Shapes, Charts, Ranges, Pivot Tables, Tables etc. Download the practice file from the below link: Learn and download our interactive Excel dashboards free of cost- Download the Free Project Management Dashboard Download the Calendar Control in VBA […]

Autumn nature photoshoot with the Motorola Edge 20 | #FreezeAndClick Challenge – Episode 4

In this new episode of the FreezeAndClick challenge, I’m testing my Motorola Edge 20 to snap some autumn vibes. As shooting mushrooms is an obvious choice, I tried to take different photos as well! The concept of the FreezeAndClick challenge is really simple and everyone, including YOU, can join the challenge right now. In addition, it only takes about 15 minutes to complete the challenge. The rules are: – Stop wherever you are right now […]

Top 10 Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools

In today’s wired world, a digital marketer is expected to be a jack of all trades, with a deep understanding of a comprehensive suite of marketing tools to grow their business. From concept to execution, from data analysis to social media management, digital marketers have to be well-equipped with the right tools for every aspect of their marketing strategy. If that sounds impossible to you, that’s because it indeed is. With the abundance of options, […]

How to use Pivot Table Slicer | How to create your own custom slicer | PivotTables | Beginner to Pro

This lesson is all about Pivot Table Slicers. From start to end. Time Codes: 00:00 Intro to slicers 00:25 Steps before adding slicers -Can be skipped if you watched series “Data Analysis with Pivot Tables” 02:00 How to add slicer and make it interactive 03:05 How to make slicers interactive for more than 1 pivot table 05:01 Why it is important to give name for each pivot table you create 06:15 How to hide unwanted […]

How to Simplify Vaccine Management and Compliance

There’s no question that vaccine mandates — from the federal level to state and organizational mandates — leave employers with a plethora of technical, operational, and compliance issues to work through. Not to mention the complexities of managing employee reactions and emotions. It seems like a lot to wrangle, but having the right tools and processes in place can significantly reduce the time and effort involved — and help you avoid any fines or penalties. […]