Day: November 6, 2021

The Artists of Data Science Happy Hour # 57

Listen to the podcast audio of this Happy Hour: Don’t forget to register for regular office hours by The Artists of Data Science: Register for Sunday Sessions here: Listen to the latest episode: The Artists of Data Science Social links: YouTube: Instagram: Facebook Twitter: #datawithdanny #datascience #66daysofdata #breakingintodatascience #theartistsofdatascience Source:

Interactive Sales Dashboard for B2C Business | Dynamic Dashboard in Excel

Interactive sales dashboard designed in Excel for B2C type of Businesses using Slicers, Pivot Tables & Pivot Chart. Timeline: 00:00 – Introduction 01:03 – Dashboard Overview 02:16 – Datasheets Overview 05:10 – Prepare Database 10:31 – Analysis & Prepare Visuals 26:04 – Design Background 31:14 – Design Dashboard 38:48 – Format Visuals #excel #excelDashboard #Dashboard #salesdashboard #pivottable #dynamicdashboard Recommended Videos: Dynamic Scrolling Chart: (To learn Offset(), Name Manager & liking chart to Dynamic range as […]


The Shiba ride was nice. I say nice because it’s just way to risky to step in now. Then again memeseason is far from over. ShibaArmy is growing extremely fast! Check out ShibArmy right here: Website: Telegram: 0:00 Spongebob style intro 0:02 Meme token good when early 1:04 My parents gave me the best name ever 1:33 Fomotion for your early get rich projects 2:09 WTF ShibArmy? ShibArmy wtf! 2:46 About ShibArmy and pronouncing the […]

Nikon D7500 Review | in | hindi | Nikon d7500 Photography |2021

Nikon D7500 Review | in | hindi | Nikon d7500 Photography |2021 Follow Us on instagram 👇 Kabir 👉 Priti 👉 Thankyou ❤️ YOUR DM AND QUIRES nikon d7500 price in india nikon d7500 price in india flipkart nikon d7500 price in india amazon nikon d7500 body price in india nikon d7500 launch date nikon d7500 release date nikon d7500 vs canon 80d nikon d7500 second hand nikon d7500 amazon nikon d7500 autofocus nikon d7500 […]

M1 Max MacBook Pro Gaming Review: AAA Mac Gaming is HERE

Can the M1 Max 16″ MacBook Pro play AAA Games at 60/120FPS? Let’s find out! Get 25% OFF Crossover 21 using code MAXTECH25 ➡ Get 10% Parallels here with Code “MaxTech10″ ➡ Subscribe & Comment on this video to enter the GIVEAWAY to WIN one of three Crossover 21 one-year license keys! How to Install Windows 11 Games using Crossover 21 & Parallels 17 ➡ New M1 Max Tech SoC Hoodie ➡ Like these MacBook […]

Nikon Z50 Kit Lens 16-50 against D850 70-200 2.8 for Portraits

So how good is the Nikon Z50 16-50 kit lens; it is a question that I get asked a fair bit so thought I would show some results and compare it to what I shoot with in the studio which is the Nikon D850 with 7-200 2.8. Yes I know it’s not a fair comparison but I needed to show the difference and I think you will like it. FOLLOW ME: ——————— ➡️ Instagram: ➡️ […]

PQB14: Power Query Basics – Excel Current Workbook to extract data, Group by to Summarize data

PQB14: Power Query Basics – Excel Current Workbook to extract data, Group by to Summarize data. Excel Data Analysis Series: PQB “Power Query Basics” PQB14: Excel.Current Workbook() to extract data & Group by to Summarize In the example: 3 tables containing sales data for the first 3 weeks from January Required: Collect data in one table using Power Query (Append) Select the data required for the report and exclude the unwanted Auto detect data type […]

Power BI DAX Tutorial | DAX for Power BI Desktop | Power BI Training | Edureka | Power BI Rewind – 2

🔥Edureka Power BI Training – It’s quite easy to create reports using the Power BI Desktop, just drag and drop to reveal valuable insights straight off the bat. But if you want get information from your data that isn’t already there, DAX is your key! – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 🔴Subscribe to our channel to get video updates. Hit the subscribe button above: […]


シグマが来年RFマウントレンズを出すという噂が出てきましたが、 ほんとなんでしょうか? #週刊カメラニュース #デジタルカメラ #新製品情報 ———————————————————————————————————— 〜ソース〜 ソニー ニコン シグマ C IPA ———————————————————————————————————— 〜こちらの方も、よろしくおねがいします。〜 サブチャンネル:猫屋敷のご主人様 インスタグラム: ツイッター ———————————————————————————————————— Source:

IPL Data Visualization with Power BI | Power BI Data Visualization | Edureka | PowerBI Rewind – 1

🔥Edureka Power BI Training – This Edureka video discusses the ” IPL Data Visualization with Power BI ” that helps you visualize IPL Dataset on the very powerful data visualization tool PowerBI Desktop. 🔥Check our complete Power BI playlist: 🔴To subscribe to our channel and hit the bell icon to never miss an update from us in the future: #PowerBI #IPLDataVisualizationWithPowerBI #PowerBITraining #PowerBITutorialForBeginners #EdurekaPowerBI #EdurekaTraining ———————————————————————————————— Twitter: LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: SlideShare: Castbox: Meetup: Community: ———————– […]

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