Day: November 1, 2021

كورة كل يوم – وليد عرفات: ترشحي لرئاسة سموحة في مواجهة فرج عامر كان طموحا مشروعا

كورة كل يوم – وليد عرفات: ترشحي لرئاسة سموحة في مواجهة فرج عامر كان طموحا مشروعا “من حلقة بتاريخ1/11/2021 “برنامج #كورة_كل_يوم من تقديم الإعلامى الرياضى واللاعب السابق #كريم_شحاتة يستضيف البرنامج نجوم الصف الأول في الكرة والرياضة المصرية بالإضافة لعرض اخبار وكواليس حصرية وتقارير مختلفة سواء علي المستوي المحلي او العالمي، فضلاً عن تغطية الأحداث اليومية المحلية والعالمية فى عالم الرياضة، يذاع البرنامج فى تمام الساعة 11 مساءً من السبت إلى الأربعاء لمشاهدة الحلقة الكاملة لمتابعة […]

Digital Adoption and User Training in one solution with ClickLearn

ClickLearn captures complicated work processes in popular business software. With just a click you can produce multi-format learning materials, in any language, and publish to a 24/7 learning portal. See how ClickLearn can help you create a complete e-learning portal in just a few clicks. Topics of discussion will include the following: See how easy it is to automate writing business-critical user documentation. Learn to simply record complicated work processes to produce multi-language learning materials […]

A View From The Top: Effectively Managing and Growing your Multi-unit Franchise Operations

#FranchiseManagement #ERPSoftware #Technology When you expand beyond a single franchise location, the complexity of operations begins to increase at a rapid rate. The highest performers know that the best way to manage multiple locations is to view the whole franchise operation from the top down. Centralising not only inventory, financials and payroll/HR, but also all of your organizational data gives you more control and precise insight into how you’re doing. Tech tools make this management […]

Belajar Excel Pemula – Part 01 Pengenalan Excel

Video ini berisi materi pembelajaran excel dari awal sampai tingkatan advance. Adapun materi belajar akan dibagi menjadi beberapa bagian yaitu : 01. Pengenalan Excel: 02. Tipe Data: Untuk download file di pembahasan part 2: 03. Fungsi Logic: Untuk download file di pembahasan part 3 (pilih data paling bawah): Source:

How to make a web app that transcribes YouTube videos with Streamlit | Part 2

Sign up for a free AssemblyAI API token here 👇 Let’s build an interactive web app that can transcribe YouTube videos in minutes! Streamlit is a great Python library that makes web development a piece of cake. And on top of Streamlit’s powerful framework we will plug in Assembly AI’s easy-to-use API to quickly upload and transcribe audio files. In this part of the tutorial we will set up our Streamlit app. The main components […]

A Concise and Engaging Introductory Data Skills Curriculum for Healthcare Professionals using R

There is a widening gap between the data skills taught in traditional medical curricula and what is needed for improving our day-to-day clinical practice. To address this gap, we developed a curriculum designed to teach fundamental data analysis skills tailored for healthcare professionals with a focus on reproducible data analysis using R. The course has been widely taught and well-received by learners. Links: Tidy Spreadsheets in Medical Research (Peter Higgins): R for Data Science: Intro […]

Forever in love with Spiti | No other place is as beautiful

Cinematic Shots of Spiti Valley | Kaza | Hikkim | Komic | Langza | Pin Valley Music Info PAST by Alex-Productions Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 Free Download / Stream: Music promoted by Audio Library Links to various video shooting and editing gears that I use for making YouTube videos # —————————————————- # Video Shooting # —————————————————- 1. GoPro Hero 8 – 2. 3-way Tripod for GoPro – 3. DSLR […]

Data Science Virtual Open House Info Session

The Marketing Program Manager of Data Science and our Senior Admissions Lead of Data Science share how Flatiron School has adopted its premier education to our current virtual reality. They share with you what teaching, learning, and community looks like in our virtual formats as well as what the admissions process entails. Table Of Contents 00:00 – Introductions and About Flatiron School 03:52 – What is Data Science? 05:01 – The Data Science Process 10:26 […]

Get INSPIRED with Report Designs from these sites! // Beginners Guide to Power BI in 2021

In this video were going to go through my favourite sites to visit when looking for report design inspiration. Power BI Partner Showcase Power BI Community Enterprise DNA Report Inspiration BI Elite Contests – 🚩 Support us to get perks such as demo files, early access and more! MY FAVOURITE POWER BI BOOKS 📕 The Definitive Guide to DAX – 📗 DAX Patterns – MY GEAR 🎥 Canon 4000D DSLR Camera – 💻 Cyberpower Wyvern […]

Introduction to Azure IoT | Microsoft Azure IoT | Azure Tutorial | Edureka | Azure Rewind – 2

🔥Azure IoT Certification: This Edureka Azure IoT session will introduce you to the Internet of things and tell you how to use it on Azure Cloud Platform. Check out our Playlist: Blog Series: 🔴Subscribe to our channel to get video updates. Hit the subscribe button above: ————————————Edureka Online Training and Certification——————————— 🔵 DevOps Online Training: 🟣 Python Online Training: 🔵 AWS Online Training: 🟣 RPA Online Training: 🔵 Data Science Online Training: 🟣 Big Data […]

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