Best Free Project Management Software In 2018

Numerous tools surround project management, production and marketing. Many are efficient to perform various tasks involved in a project from start to finish. Others are the result of handling such tasks that have been prone to errors in the past. Many project managers muddle through a few tools with doubts about how they work. Few understand how to use them effectively: how to save time and resources, input data, obtain desired result, consolidate tasks in one place and so on.

Over the years, they have discovered that only a handful of software tools do the job as expected. Let us look at three of these tools, as project managers prepare to use them for their potential projects. Examined individually, these tools have its own pros and cons. Taken together, they make up a crucial part of any business. Make sure to check out this site for more recommendations for a free project management software.


This application software is one of the most popular tools that a project management will ever need, both for personal as well as professional reasons. It has all the features to manage multiple complex and time-sensitive tasks that any project may require. The app lets the user organize tasks and be up-to-date with new techniques. It has the features that are seen in various individual tools such as checklists, notebooks, to-do tools and much else. Additionally, the task is not just confined to text-based; Evernote can process other formats such as video, audio, web clippings, PDFs and sketches as well. The syncing feature allows its use via the cloud, on smartphones and across other devices. The service plan for Evernote is very affordable as well – free for basic download and around $35 per year for a comprehensive plan.

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Basecamp is a very effective tool for collaborating projects of various degree. It is also one of the older project management tools that has built a great reputation among a wide range of businesses. The new version of Basecamp offers many features apart from basics, such as ability to set up schedules and notify only during work hours, ability to send direct messages, show appreciation with a button and so on. In essence, Basecamp is well suitable to keep different fragments of a project such as files, tasks and discussions in one place. There are also additional features in Basecamp that are found only in sophisticated tools, such as keeping track of feedback and approval from clients, creating group chats and keeping tab on the progress of project from time to time. Although basic version of Basecamp is free, more advanced plan is sold for $100 per month.


This is another project management solution that project managers want to look into. Just like Basecamp and Evernote, Trello lets user organize everything in one place across multiple devices. Although considered as a companion app for projects, its usefulness combined with other tools is worth mentioning. It is compatible with Windows, Mac as well as iOS operating systems. Being free to download with 10MB limit on the file attachment size is an added advantage.

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