Virtual reality refers to technologies that make use of computer software to produce realistic sensations, images, and sounds. It replicates the real environment, thus it convinces users to react the same way they would do in real life.

Right now, virtual reality is used to stimulate a real environment that can be used for education and training. It’s likewise employed to develop an imaginary environment for entertainment and gaming purposes.


Most headsets we have now rely mainly on head motion to control the field of view of the user within the environment. With the FOREVER VR Headset, you can make use of its advanced eye-tracking technology to create a new and distinct way of interacting with the virtual environment. Some notable features of the FOREVER VR Headset is the option to adjust depth of the ground, choose some means of attacking targets, and establish eye contact with other in-game characters.

FOREVER VR Headset is due to be released by FOREVER Reality Technologies in January 2017.

Stocular™ Virtual Rift

The Stocular™ Virtual Rift is a headset that creates a 360-degree viewing experience for movies and games. It is equipped with a high-definition camera that may be used to shoot quality videos. The 360-degree video may be stitched together to create a virtual reality movie.

Its 1080p screen resolution is perfect for watching three-dimensional movies on any virtual 125-inch screen. With the EyeDTector®, the user’s head’s movements may be tracked so he/she can look around the video.

Moreover, Stocular™ Virtual Rift may let a user play some of the popular games today such as Warz Unlimited and Guns ‘N Tanks Incorporated.