So, you’ve started an online campaign for your business and now you need to get those ever-so-needed customers informed so they can gravitate, navigate, what-have-you, to your business’ website. So, what’s the most effective way?

There are two types of online advertisement strategies to choose from:


Yahoo, Google, and other major search engines offer their own twist on this advertising techinique. The premise is quite simple. With the process of key-wording, you advertisement will display at the top spots of the results page when they are typed into the search line. You then will pay a fee to what ever search engines you choose to have your keywords programmed in.

Here recently, the price for PPC has jumped a fair bit. In 2009, it was around $1.03. Then, in 2012, it dropped to around $0.84. In 2016, the price was $2.14. So, if you are generating mass internet traffic, you can see how this can be a bit costly. But, hey, if those online customers are clicking AND buying, you should be just fine! Google AdWords charges around $1 to $2 per click. Though, the high-count keywords may cost you around $50. Even a small business can expect to pay well over $100,000 if they are wanting the most competitive keywords. Nation and global wide retail companies may even spend up to $50,000,000 per year!


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or, simply put SEO, is the other side of the story. Built for making certain your website’s hyperlink appears first, or among the first, on the search engine’s results page. This process, let’s take Google, for example, uses their program algorithm to assign a rank to the quality, traffic through the website, and how many hyperlinks are on your website as well.This is then compared to the the relevance of the searches that internet users are making and why your website is, or is not, the best result for said search. As you can see, this method can be more hit or miss as trends change as the consumers’ demands change and fluctuate, build and lose momentum. Find our more at limitless online to grasp a more detailed view on SEO.

The cost of a SEO seems to be billed out monthly and is based on a risk/reward assessment. It will be an evaluation of your current position related to your future goals and their timeline. The product line also is a big factor in determining price as well. Say, you produce a casual clothing line and compare it to a company that produces automobiles. This can be a big advantage for smaller business as the take from the developer of the Search Engine Optimization would take in to consideration that the clothing line isn’t going to sell a single item for $30,000, as the automobile manufacturer very likely will.


As you can see, both can be effective solutions to generating online income. As a business owner you may have to do a bit of trial and error to see what works best for your own personal business model.