Have you always dreamed of becoming famous on Instagram? Do you know that if you do you could end up getting sponsorships, free products and even make a career out of an Instagram account?

If so, you may be wondering if it is possible to easily become famous on Instagram with a little bit of work and the right amount of luck. Or is it something that takes just too long to achieve?

Choose a niche — The most successful Instagram accounts usually stick to one niche. Whether that is photographs of food, travel, animals, children or fashion, almost every top Instagram account sticks to just one subject.

This in turn attracts people who want to follow you as you are posting photographs about something they are interested in, rather than just random photos they may just become bored with.

Choose a distinctive look — The most famous Instagram accounts usually have a distinctive look.

Whether that is a particular way of taking photographs, a particular filter they use or specific colors. The most popular accounts tend to experiment with what looks good and then stick to it with every photo that they upload.

Understand what is trending — The first way to getting famous on Instagram is always to be uploading photographs that are trending.

What that means is find out which topics are the most popular on a specific day and then upload a beautiful photograph that fits in with that topic.

Of course, that also means you must have a library of good photographs to upload, which requires you spending a lot of time every week taking photos.

Do you know any celebrity? — People love to follow famous people. They also like to follow people who know famous people, as it allows them to believe they may one day be friends with someone famous as well.

If you know anyone who is a celebrity, make sure you have your photograph taken with them and then post it to your Instagram account.

This will attract the attention of fans of that person, as well as people who like to follow people with ‘connections’.

Do not use the person just to get Instagram followers, however, but instead do as much as you can to help them become even more popular on Instagram as well.

Develop your own hashtag — Another brilliant way to become famous on Instagram is to develop your own hashtag and then tag every photograph you upload with it.

If you upload enough photographs, eventually other people will start to use it too. Yet the original hashtag will always be connected to you, and can get you more followers the more others start to use it. Just make it something interesting or funny for added appeal.

Use a lot of hashtags — Along with creating your own hashtag also comes using a lot of hashtags on your photographs.

The more hashtags you use, the more likely your photos will be discovered by other Instagram users and the more likelihood you will get new followers through them.

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